Favourhood Launches App to Connect neighbours During a Time of COVID-19 Isolation.

Favourhood is a platform for neighbourhoods and communities to connect, look after one another and be stronger, together. Whether someone is looking for help or willing to lend a hand, the free platform eases the process of asking for help & helping those around you.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — May 19, 2020 – Favourhood (https://www.favourhood.app), a new mobile app platform that helps neighbours connect and ask - or offer - favours, today announced the launch of a mobile app, available for iOS on the Appstore as of May 19, 2020. Founders and industry veterans Jennie & Thomas Moeller identified an urgent need given the current lockdown to actively connect neighbours to neighbours, specifically around sharing favours.

The app was born from the challenges of social distancing and isolation that community members are managing right now - with older adults and distant family members trying to navigate the balance of staying safe with handling important day to day tasks. During a time when we are all isolated, Favourhood seeks to find a way where technology and our mobile phones can help ease the process of connections, communication and helping one another.

“We were really inspired by our local neighbourhood and community,” said Jennie Moeller, Founder and iOS developer, who lives in Berkeley, CA. “Our local neighbourhood really came together, with older residents becoming really isolated due to health and exposure concerns, and others proactively reaching out to them to help with grocery runs, and other odd jobs. And those older community members, started sewing masks for all the local children, and cooking food. We are all sharing the load and helping each other out in ways we never had before.”

Additionally, many have found helping distant parents or relatives challenging as well. Now, with the Favourhood App, it’s possible to register with a remote family member's address, connect with neighbours and arrange a grocery delivery, for example. The app helps pre-populate common tasks, but is not limited to a distinct list of favours. “We developed the app in such a way that users can ask for any type of help, and others can add in ways they can help. It feels like a type of social currency, all centered around helping your neighbour. To us, it’s the silver lining of all this nonsense we are dealing with right now,” Jennie adds. “To see people helping each other warms our hearts. And we hope this app can capture some of that, and help ease the strain of isolation and difficulty we are dealing with every day.”

The first step with Favourhood is getting the message out and using it as a platform to connect neighbourhoods. As with any social or networking platform, its success is dependent on active members. “This is precisely why we want to spread the word and have communities try out the app, share it with their friends and family and see how useful it is,” adds Jennie. “We have had great responses from our initial conversations, as many isolated neighbourhoods and communities are looking for ways they can help each other out and capture the help that is needed as well as highlight the generous and caring individuals that are willing to help each other out. We hope that people will share the App in their networks and with local media to get the momentum going.”

The Favourhood app features:

People signup and register very simply with their email, name and importantly, their address (privacy is paramount - email addresses are encrypted and never publicly displayed. When displayed to neighbours, addresses only show your street name not your full address). When you sign up you can select (or input) what help you are looking for, OR how you can help (as examples, making masks, grocery shopping, pharmacy pickup, etc) The app will then try to connect neighbours who can help one another based on their preferences. The app then notifies those people on their 'match' and allows them to chat and connect via the app (or allows them to take it offline)

The app has been fast-tracked and built during the last month of isolation. Between working remotely, to Jennie losing her main client due to the lockdown , and wrangling (home-schooling) two boys (4 and 9 years old), both Jennie and Thomas felt it was important they turned their hand to something that can help others, and how technology - and specifically an iPhone App, could help others during this time. As result, Favourhood was born - launching now for all neighbourhoods in the USA and shortly going international.

About Favourhood Favourhood is a platform for neighbourhoods and communities to connect, look after one another and be stronger, together. Whether you are looking for help or willing to lend a hand, the app uses geo-location and in-app messaging to connect and help facilitate neighbourhood connections. Favourhood is based in Berkeley, CA and was created during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. To learn more about Favourhood visit: https://www.favourhood.app and to download the app, visit the Appstore here.

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Favourhood's a platform for neighbourhoods and communities to connect, look after one another and be stronger, together. Whether you are looking for help or willing to lend a hand, in just a few simple steps you'll be connecting with people around you!